01 July 2010

GRADUATION! and so begins my life (:

I MADE IT! well, over a month ago. I'm a bit off in keeping this updated. Anyways, I did graduate from Orem High School on May 28 (: Everyone kept telling me that I would ball my eyes out and be super emotional. WRONG. I think there was only one time I might have teared up. But that was because I realized how much I might miss some of the people at my school. However, most of the day...I was ecstatic. I'm not going to lie, I am nervous to move out and start off alone. But I am thrilled for the new experiences I am going to have. I'm ready. (:

My parents took me on a senior trip to the grand city of San Francisco. I fell in love with this place all over again. I loved walking around, remembering the most random, small things from my childhood. The straw containers in Johnny Rockets, going to the Laundrymat, my "horses" at the park, the constant fog, and or the field where we saw the jets fly by. It made me miss the city, and even possibly want to live there someday. 

Highlights from this trip:
Going to Alcatraz and standing in a cell, the "No Hitchhiking" sign on the drive over, seeing hippies, transvestites, and gays, going into a Hookah shop and feeling a bit woosey coming out, the amazing market with all of the desserts, my mom constantly saying "Lock the Doors!", the small cafes we would eat at, having a hobo holding tree branches try to scare me, walking on the beach during the sunset, BOUDINES, and of course...spending it all with my parents.

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