09 September 2010

My Cause of Frustration. Bleh.

Wellll, lately I feel just a bit frustrated with school. Ironically, it's not totally because of my classes and the homework that goes along with that. I'm frustrated with the fact that I have no major. I am set on the plan that I'm getting my Associates in Arts by the end of this summer, and then transferring up to BYU or UVU. However, that still leaves the decision for my major WIDE open.

SO in order to figure out my major, I'm trying to look ahead and search for careers that I'd enjoy going into. Criteria: My job should allow me to work while raising a family. Basically I'm at a loss at which direction I should take. I've been thinking about nursing, teaching, editing, photography...basically I'm all over the place. I've spent hours trying to research different jobs, and now i'm officially frustrated. Therefore, this post only came about because of pure frustration and a much needed a break from "(potential) job searching". Help?


  1. I was talking to Steph and she made the comment that she could see you as a high school teacher. Not little kids, definately older. You could even get a masters and teach at a local college. You never know.

    You did say you like English and correcting paper, writing, etc. Maybe even something to do with writing. Maybe this will help a little. mom

  2. You will figure it out :) You would be amazed and what there is out there that you could do! Just start asking around... see what other people are doing. Writ down things you really love, and meet with a counselor and see what is available. You would be surprised what kind of majors and careers there are that people don't really know about.