08 October 2010

Arissa Mae. This is for you.

This post is dedicated to my roommate Arissa. I've told her for weeks now that I would write a post just for her. So though this is way past overdue, it's better now than never.

Some reasons why I love this girl:
  • she listens to me complain about the sameee ridiculous things over and over again.
  • she's always willing to talk about things
  • she isn't afraid to be herself - her crazy non-prescription glasses and all
  • she gives the BEST backrubs
  • she lets me take naps, and sometimes encourages them
  • she eats her otterpops the same way as me
  • she will swear just to make me laugh 
  • she came up with a legit handshake for us
  • she lets me listen to my chill music all the time, though I think she secretly dislikes it.
  • she is a die-hard Red Sox fan
  • she leaves me little notes throughout the day
  • she lies to the cafeteria manager to get food for me. (:
  • she shares my love of taking pictures - especially at random times
  • she gets ice cream every night from the cafeteria. I respect that.
  • she will sing and dance like nobody is around
  • she's willing to say prayers together EVERY night
  • she started "our wall"
  • her heart is THIS BIG.
  • she is crazy/entertaining/consoling/perfect in her own way
There are MANY more things that I could rant on about her. Arissa is simply a fantastic roommate, buddy, and friend. After being here for a couple weeks, we both decided it wasn't just chance that we ended up being roommates. Too many things repeatedly led me to live in Juniper - to be Arissa's roommate.We're meant to help each other out right now.

We've felt it isn't just a coincidence that we're roommates. Oddly enough, other girls are shocked when they find that Arissa and I never knew each other before we came to SUU. Luckily, we've clicked and become long-lasting friends. All I know, from watching her go through current trials in her life, Arissa is an incredibly strong and amazing girl.

Love You Arissa Mae (:

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