25 October 2010

Here comes the Cold.

I think I've decided that I like this season.

1. Sweaters - I LOVE cardigans and sweaters. Time for new clothes. yay.
2. The colors are gorgeous. Bright yellows, reds, oranges, and browns. Love.
3. Pumpkins. My mom's homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, carving pumpkins, pumpkin lotion at B&BW. The whole deal.
4. Halloween. Hmm. A holiday where you dress up AND get candy. Perfect.
5. The smell of Fall.
6. Thanksgiving is also another one of my Top 3 Holidays
7. Fall leads to Christmas. Another Great Holiday.
8. Cuddling up with a blanket. 
  9. School. - The schedule part. I love having a schedule. 
10. Scarves. I LOVE scarves.
11. Candles. Definitely the season for candles. Currently using Creamy Nutmeg. Favorite.

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