11 January 2011

Back Again

I am officially back in Cedar - my home away from home.
It was sort of bitter/sweet to leave home after a 4 week break. An amazing 4 week break.

I'm going to miss the constant companionship of my family, and the fact that I had to pay for nothing to live there.

I'm going to miss my siblings, our dance parties, and all of us talking while getting ready in the mornings.

I'm going to miss my mom, and how we got to spend all day together, going out to lunch, going to a movie, or just talking.

I'm going to miss the AMAZING food my mom made and the fact that I lost weight while being home.

The only thing I will not miss is the 12 o'clock curfew my parents decided to enforce. I'm finding that no matter how old I am, my parents think they can give me a curfew when i'm staying at home.

So, I'm back in freezing Cedar, starting my last semester down at SUU. Sadly, I've only had two days of classes, and I'm already itching to be finished.  Math is going to kill me.

Let's just make this semester the best so far.


  1. you are so lucky to have parents that love you enough to ENFORCE a 12pm curfew :)

  2. you're not gonna miss anything else up there in utah county!? i think you're missing something...