31 January 2011


You guys, I want you to meet Scott.
He is my best friend.

He is in the Business school at BYU and is studying Global Marketing.

He makes me laugh everyday.
(and he doesn't even have to try)

He loves the color brown. What's great about it? "It's the color of dirt, poo, and erika's eyes." lovely.

He loves robots, tractors, and dragons. And I still have yet to figure out why.

He tends to be a tad bit sketchy - especially for being the bishop's son. But, that's what's so intruiging about him.

He went to France for a semester. This has contributed to the fact that he is an amazing cook and has impeccable style.

He talks to me in Spanish and French, AND still tries to get me to speak Spanish.
(Don't tell, but I sorta like that he tries.)

He has a boat named Harriette and loves to go rappelling.

He has nine guitars and plays them like it's nobodys business.

He's my next door neighbor.
(and I really, really like him)
Like, a lot.

I just wanted you to meet him.

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