04 January 2011

This is the New Year

2010 has proved to be one of my best years thus far. At the beginning of this year, I felt a bit unsure of what was to come and how I would handle it.

Instead, 2010 has made me feel more loved and more like myself than ever before.

January: started my LAST semester of high school. my time was filled with scholarship applications and studying. got accepted to SUU. preference. lots of snow.

Feburary: In-n-out came to Utah - the begining of midnight runs. planned on donating blood, but was too 'sick'. oh darn. got accepted to BYU, though inside I already knew I wasn't going. visits from cousins.

 March: went to the Hare Krishna festival for the first time after making my friends come with me. escaped school and went to St. George for the weekend.  

April: I went to the Muse concert with my girl friends. Experienced Vegas for Spring Break. Prom. Easter eggs hunts that went bad.

May: got a 4 on my AP English test. Girls night out to Pei Wei and Letters to Juliet and decided I wanted to live in Italy/Europe. GRADUATION - free from high school. Grad Night.

June: Begining of the best summer. Best senior trip - refreshing memories in San Fran. Went to the Backstreet Boys concert. Hiked the Narrows. Midnight showings. Working two jobs to save for school.

July: played 'O Divine Redeemer' in church. Got a start on "My List." Went to a rodeo. Got a henna tattoo. Fourth of July fun.  my 18th birthday. swimming. Bear Lake - waverunners. illegal fireworks.

August: a week with no parents. midnight meetings with the neighbor (:  moved out of the house. first semester of college started.

 September: goodbyes. french wifi becomes something very important. last bit of warmth. BINGO night. going to st. george temple. Discovering main street.

October: flowers and skullcandy. The Howl. a surprise trip home. many skype dates. hardest part of the semester.

November: Arissa's birthday. Juno/milano cookies/hot chocolate. Thanksgiving. accepting the fact that i did gain weight being at college. countdown for coming back home in december.

December: helium balloons. finals week and 24/7 quiet hours. mattress dominoes. CHRISTMAS. surprises. lots and lots of movies. a month of happiness.

I will always love you 2010.

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