10 February 2011

In the South of France

I have always dreamed about going to foreign places. Whether that be Spain, Italy, or France, being able to be a part of a different culture enthrals me. I love listening to French music, and I'm quite often told that with my choice of clothes I look like I'd fit in somewhere in Europe.

Today I saw this video (thanks to Cousin Chels) and it made me long to go to Paris/Europe. I hope someday I'll get the chance to follow my dreams and be a part of this beautiful city.

ps. Youtube 'Live the Language.' There are many more cities to choose from that will make you ache for a trip to Europe. 


  1. you blog-post-stealer! :P I love how your title is a continuation of mine. bahah (: I THINK this needs a link to my blog where is says 'cousin chels'... do you know how to do that? (: I can teach you something new if not! SUPER easy.

  2. that's what I'm talkin about! WOOOOO! (: good job cousin. :P bahah i love you.