11 February 2011

It's all a Piece of Cake

Yesterday I had the pleasant opportunity of seeing my Mom/Best Friend. Every year, she goes down to St George with her book club for a little retreat- I think it's mainly to escape cold Provo, and enjoy some Vitamin D.

Since Cedar City is along the way, my mom and her friends stopped by to get some lunch. Surprise, surprise -Along with my mom, came a Valentine's package. She has always tried to make Valentines a somewhat worthwhile experience for my siblings and I, and she definitely succeeded this year. It was a very thoughtful present that made my day. She knows me all too well. (:

I then went to Cafe Rio with all of her friends. We talked about my school, the town, and of course, my boyfriend. After spending lunch with them, all I know is that I hope I am that fun/crazy with my girlfriends - even at that age. 

Spending a little bit of time with my Mom was definitely the high-point of my day. I love you Mom!


  1. finally - more acknowledgment of the boyfriend! :P we've got the best moms EVER.

  2. It's easy to be your mom...you bring out the best in me. Love you forever :)

    What is the crack about "even at THAT AGE"...I'm not as old as you think I am!