07 February 2011

Superbowl Weekend

This weekend was exactly what I needed after a tough couple of days. I had lots of time to relax and be as lazy as I please. Arissa and I found that you can make cake in the microwave (pure genius), built a fort in our room, and watched the scary movie Devil. Then, of course, we topped the weekend off with the Superbowl.  

This superbowl, I didn't love the commericals, but I actually enjoyed the half-time show. One that I might actually remember. These are just a few of my top favorite commericals that I saw this year. (the Darth Vader one is my all time favorite. Reminds me of Mckay (:  )


  1. okay those were HILARIOUS. thank you for that. I didnt watch a second of the superbowl, you did it all for me, and got the best of the best. that was easy. (:

  2. Ok. By far the best is the Darth Vader. It totally reminds me of Mckay and I laugh everytime i see it. I think I'm on 5 or 6 now.