16 February 2011

A Valentines in Vegas

After years of going to "boy-bashing/single-awareness/nobody likes me" parties, I had quite the turnaround for Valentines Day.

This year, I actually had my own Valentine - Scott Edward Nelson - and he made it absolutely perfect.

On Monday, Scott made the long drive down to Cedar City. When I was finally out of my class, I rushed over to go see him. What did I find? Maybe the most handsome man leaning against his dad's BMW convertible, wearing a nice shirt and tie, with a big smile on his face. After two long weeks of not seeing him, this definitely made my day.

He later surprised me with a flower (Gerber daisy - my fav.) and we started the drive to Vegas.  When we finally made it to Vegas, we didn't have much time until we had to leave for our dinner reservation. Dinner was filled with yummy pizza, bets, and of course, a few stolen kisses.

When we got back to his parent's house, Scott and I changed into our plaid shirts and exchanged our gifts. Scott gave me Randy the Robot. Though I was confused about it at first, it proved to be THE BEST Valentine's gift.
Explanation: A few weeks earlier, I was ranting to Scott about Valentines and how much I hated it. I informed him that Valentines was only worthwhile in elementary school. SO Randy the Robot was my Valentine's box, filled with Valentine's from everyone I love. Ranging from my siblings, my favorite neighbor, and even my cousin in Cali. Also inside the box was some gorgeous MAC make-up. It truly was the most creative, thoughtful, and unique gift. We then finished up the night with a movie and some Ben and Jerry's.

The next day was just a continuum of my already awesome V-Day. We spent the day driving around in the convertible, laying outside in the sun, taking a long nap together, and talking about everything and anything that was on our mind. 

Needless to say, this truly was a perfect Valentines Day - it's imperfect moments and all. (:


  1. Aaaa Yea.... I was wondering about the "little present" you got at the "hidden valley" exit! ;)

  2. Watch out Scott, I know where you live!

  3. k. DELETING THAT. hahaha C'mon mom. (: