05 March 2011

Another Side of Green

Yesterday was a good day. And the rest of the weekend will proceed to be better.  
Started off with a honest long talk with my mom, followed by a call to my little brother.
         His Phone Conversation went something like this
              "Hey Dallen, Where are you?"
              "I'm actually about to get on the Indiana Jones ride right now."
              "Wait....Like DISNEYLAND?!" 

             "uh yeah...well, I need to go. I'm on the ride. Have fun in Ceeeedar. Haha"

Good thing I'm going home next weekend, and I can rough him up a bit for that. 

BEST part of the day though (besides the awesome weather we've been having) was getting a visit from the one and only Scott Edward Nelson.

Dressed in his Gap/Banana Republic attire, he walked right up to me and gave me a much needed kiss - I love this man. Though we're both sick of phonecalls, and our multiple Goodbyes, the few hours we can have with each other make it all better.

Hope you have a Fantastic weekend too. (:

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