09 March 2011

Beads. Masks. and Indecency.

Yesterday I had my first exposure to Marti Gras. I don't know how I have lived my life thus far and NOT known anything about this holiday. Even after the fact that my friends explained what it entitles, I still do not understand the point of it.

It started once we walked into the cafeteria with music blaring, mask-wearing, and bead-giving. I had no idea what was going on, but all of my friends jumped right in and made it a party for me.

Dinner was the weirdest part. They had oddly named foods and things that did not look appetizing. Worst of all, they had a big platter of crawdads. I watched as guys were piling their plates high with innocent shellfish, looking forward to eating whatever is appetizing about these creatures.

I grabbed one just for pictures and play. Though many of the girls thought I was going to be brave, and try to eat it, I told them it was only to have fun with. Funny enough, a guy to the side of me overheard, and started to get frustrated that I would 'waste' something so good. 

The night was filled with our own Marti Gras celebration. We spent our time getting freaked out by the crawdad (they're great for pranks), taking pictures, and giving each other beads.

And although dinner was awful and we ate close to nothing,   it was still the best part of my day.

 Plus, we filled up later that night thanks to Taco Tuesday. (:

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