27 March 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This weekend started off sounding like a stressful, sort of dramatic few days, but changed to a very wild, relaxing, fun time. I started off my weekend with my first sinus infection (awful) but took a long nap, and lots of drugs to get better. Later that night, my friends and I went to a white-out dance across the street and ended up staying up until 2 talking about nonsense. 

The next day, the weather was being bipolar in Cedar. So... Rissa and I went down to St. George. After window shopping through the outlets, we went back to Arissa's house to make homemade pizzas, and watch Disturbia. Our night consisted of delicious pizza, watching Cake Boss (best show), singing in the car at the top of our lungs, buying songs that make us smile, and simply relaxing.  Great girl's weekend. (:

oh yeah. And I completed #51 on My List. Enough said.

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