21 March 2011

Spring Break

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. Now that I'm back from Spring Break, I'm going to try to get back into posting more often.

Spring Break was much needed, but I was glad to go back to Cedar (minus the snow. bleh.)

Highlights of the Week:
Spending ALL week with Scott. Ring of Fire. Wedding Reception. Taylor's Mission Call. Having Gelato for the first time. Going to the temple with Scott. Hot tubbing. Shopping with my mom. Signing up for my apartement in the Summer.Walking around BYU campus. Bothering my siblings. Seeing old friends. Adjustment Bureu and Terra Mia. BYU games. Making Cookies. Movie in the MTC. Just being home.

I only wish I would've taken at least one picture while being home.


  1. no mention of being deathly ill, canceling a trip to cali to see cousin? :(

  2. That part was NOT a highlight. haha I HATED that fact.