23 March 2011

The time of our life

Last night, Arissa and I watched Dirty Dancing - just to cross it off my list. To explain, I have this weird fetish with the 80s. So sometime during my senior year, I decided to make a list of the top (teen) 80s movies I wanted to watch.

After watching just one (even one that my MOM suggested to me), I was surprised at how sketchy some of these movies can get. If you've ever seen Can't Buy Me Love or Sixteen Candles, you know what I'm talking about. Though surprisingly, one of my ALL TIME favorite movies is The Breakfast Club -compliment of the 80s.
                                                        Top 80’s Movies
                                                          Better off Dead
                                                           Risky Business
                                                           Say Anything
                                                       The Breakfast Club
                                                   Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
                                                           Pretty in Pink
                                                      Can’t Buy Me Love
                                                   Some Kind of Wonderful
                                                       Back to the Future
                                                              Top Gun
                                                          Dirty Dancing
                                                           Stand by Me

If you have any suggestions for some more 80s movies to watch..Please tell me!

Oh yes. Guess what. I woke up to warm sunshine, happy to see that it will get close to 60 degrees today. Hmm only then I found out that this sunshine will only last until the afternoon...when it will then snow. yay.


  1. fetish not feddish (: WHAT!? I'm correcting COUSIN'S english!? You're supposed to be the smart one babe, what's going on here? I'll watch ANY of these with you this summer. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSE AS YOU!

  2. Hi Erika! I've enjoyed your blog and since your post was on 80's movies, I couldn't resist commenting. I LOVE 80's movies. I've seen so many ... most of them are so ridiculous and crazy, I can't help it. My mom has never liked them and I understand why. A PG13 rating in the 80's could translate to borderline R today. I just try to be sensitive when I watch them.
    Okay, sorry for all that:) I just wanted to say that I LOVE Better off Dead. It's probably my favorite. I laugh so hard every time. It helps that I really like John Cusack, and the movie is just so random- I love it!
    I've also seen Some Kind of Wonderful, and despite some scenes, I really liked it. Of course the song with the same title is one of my favorites. If you've heard Michael Buble's version, I'm sure you know what I mean :)

  3. Some Kind of Wonderful is a good one :) and Footloose totally sucks. i hate that movie compared to the musical. they should remake it.

  4. OH and i freaking love the breakfast club