27 April 2011


I think I just realized how much more expensive life is becoming.
Yes, I pay for my groceries, clothes, and a lot of my tuition.
But now I'm moving into an apartment this summer and continuing school, and I need a car.

oh. Did I mention I don't have a job?

So, along with the stress of needing some money,
I am now starting to feel the pressure of finals week.

All I've done today is..
apply for jobs
look for a car
rearrange my summer school schedule
try to sell my textbooks (which apparently I am getting no money back for)
buy new (very expensive) textbooks

Consequently, I now have a headache.

and because of all of that, I was only able to watch one episode of Grey's today. Lame.

Good thing I get to see this movie tonight - for free!:

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