28 April 2011

Oh What a Day

Today is kind of a big day, in a lot of small ways.

It's my last day of classes at SUU.
            I'm sort of sad about this. Going to class gives me something to do. I'm going to miss some of my classes (super weird).

It's my last day of yoga.
             and I love yoga. I think it's something I want to try to get into. Get rid of the chanting, and sending healing powers to other people, and it's very cool.

We are playing the most awaited and epic game of "Key Lime Pie" tonight.
              I'm hoping I can explain this somewhat seductive game sometime.

24/7 Quiet hours starts tonight at 10.
             not too happy about this. especially because we can't do mattress dominoes to kick off finals week. and sometimes you just need to be loud.

I have exactly one week until I move back home.
             I still can't believe it.


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