23 April 2011

Sharing All the World

Well, here's to a belated Earth Day post.

When Earth Day rolls around, I feel like I should do something to celebrate it. The hippy inside of me wants to go plant a tree, recycle something, or make a hairband out of flowers.

I don't know what to do on Earth Day. But yesterday, I think I did pretty well with filling my quota for celebrations.

First of all, some girls and I went down to St. George and took a long, but needed temple trip.

Then, last night, Rissa and I planned a bonfire up on Three Peaks. What better way to celebrate earth day, right?

Though it was fun singing along with the guitars around the fire, my favorite part was walking off with the A300 girls, off on a ledge, overlooking Cedar City. We talked about our year together, and how much we're going to miss this little town.

I don't know what it is about campfires/nature, but it does something to me (probably from all those years of girls camp).  Everything seems more down-to-earth and you get a break from the noise around you. It really brings me back down to me.

So. Go enjoy some nature. 
 Happy Belated Earth Day.

ps. Scott visited and took me on a date thursday night. Along with some Gucci perfume and these pretty spring flowers:

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