11 April 2011

Take care of the luck that you might have

So, Friday night Scott and my family came down to Cedar to see BRIAN REGAN. I know it's weird that hot-shot comedian Brian Regan would be coming to little Cedar City..but, either way, it was a blast.
I remember when I saw my sister's face light up when Brian Regan came out and kind-of-almost-sort-of walked right in front of us up onto the stage. Basically, to our family, that counts as seeing a celebrity. He's just that cool. As usual, it ended with us laughing so hard we were crying, followed by quoting him for the rest of the night.
Afterwards, we went back to the hotel where they were staying. Scott and I were going to leave to find something to do...and the car died. So then we went to McDonald's across the street (we were STARVING). Lucky us, McDonald's was locked up.

But even after broken cars, empty stomachs, and too much laughing, having everyone down here was loads of fun.

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