08 April 2011

To Cousin.

This is my Cousin.
Her name is Chelsie.

When we were little, we didn't like each other that much (yes, we admit it).
The extent of our playing involved SIMS(the computer game) and spy tactics - snaking microphones through the vents to hear the adult's conversations. Or putting sensors around the house so that we knew when the parents were coming to check on us.  
Though, usually, it ended up where she would play with her friends, while I would sit in her room and read her books.

Now. we're best friends. and I miss her so much.

Oh - and it's her birthday (:  So. For this special day, here are the reasons why I love this girl so much:
  • she introduced me to ingrid & Grey's Anatomy. Both excellent.
  • she helped me out through drama of high school. and still continues to do so.
  • TEEN GIRL SQUAD. enough said.
  • she isn't afraid to be herself (loud voice and all)
  • she gives me advice
  • she is a TRUE friend
  • she is an amazing photographer. and will take pictures of me.
  • she does crazy things with her friends and invites me along
  • she loves Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwhich - WITH ketchup.
  • she's a happy person
  • she is willing to do new things
  • she lets me complain about my life to her
  • she is one of the few that I can spend immense amount of times talking on the phone with
  • she's fun/loud/amazing/unique in her own way.
I love you.
Happy Birthday.

1 comment:

  1. birthday! WAHOO!

    im so glad that we admit to our not liking each other... its really sad, but mostly hilarious now that we look back at it!