14 April 2011

Too Much Estrogen

So, I realized I've been sort of 'pms-y' all week. (I love blaming the hormones).  I say this because I've had the most random emotions - most of which has involved crying.

I absolutely hate crying. So to cry/tear-up this much is not normal.

This week, I've cried: 
because my mom said something sweet to me on the phone
because I listened to some classic, favorite songs
because Meredith and Christina were crying
because my dad asked how things were going here in Cedar
because I finally finished my 450 page book
because Scott said he didn't absolutely love Disneyland
because I'm tired
because my brother said he can't wait for me to come home

Somebody help?

Dang pms.


  1. bahahahahahahahahaa

    can I just say...

    I think this is my favorite post that you have EVER posted.

    GO GREYS! (:

  2. It's all part of being a woman! Welcome - Welcome. :)