07 April 2011

We might take it home

Last weekend as my last time going home until the end of the semester. It was weird knowing that the next time I came home, I was home for good. No more Cedar City. It was even more weird driving back home, realizing that was my last time taking taking the awful drive back to school.

But, all in all, my weekend was good and far well spent.


getting stuck in traffic on the way home. my parents taking me out to dinner. me devouring ALL of a 1/3 lb hamburger by myself (I do not eat like a little bird). after 5 hours of traveling, finally seeing Scott. hugs. watching 27 dresses with my sister. sleeping in my big bed. doing yard work with my family while listening to conference. blasting music in the car. making plans for the garden in front of our barn. making scott dinner. going shopping with the siblings. going to conference with scott and friends. standing at the window, looking out at the temple. eric hitting his brakes. going to Malawi Pizza with the girls. seeing Makenna and family. chocolate cake. telling my brother that next time i'm home, I'm home for good. being with my mom. spending time with the people I love.

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