12 April 2011

When You Wish Upon a Star

Last night, Rissa and I watched Cinderella. Watching this moving after SO long made me fall in love with Disney all over again.

Now I can see how much of a Disney guru I am - my sibilings don't dare go against me in Disney Scene It - and the thought of Disneyland makes me giddy.

I got to thinking how much I love these classic Disney movies. I thought of how often I watched these movies as a child, how the stories created new worlds for me, and how well I can rememeber the songs by heart. Each of my favorites did something for me.

because of Cinderella, I would sing while cleaning around the house.
because of Peter Pan, I cried when he never came to take me away to Neverland.
because of Toy Story, I peeked into my bedroom every time I left to see if my toys would come to life.
because of The Little Mermaid, I explored the underwater world in the bathtub or pool.
because of Pochahontas, I learned to climb trees with grace.
because of The Lion King, I sang at the top of my lungs about having no worries
because of Beauty and the Beast, I became proud of my passion for books.

and because of Disney, I believe in my own Happily Ever After.

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