03 May 2011

All of these Lines

I'm done with classes for spring semester.
Summer is looming at me on the horizon.
Packing can be fun.
I daydream about Italy.
I'm going to school this summer and will enjoy it.
I'm going to school this summer and trying to find some possible way to enjoy it.
I'm so happy there is no more snow (in cedar).
Sometimes I wish I was a hippy. But not the drug dealing kind.
Being done with my year in Cedar is actually very sad.
I just rocked my Math final.
The best place to read is in a hammock, on a warm sunny day, underneath a tree.
I've been listening to Ingrid, 80s, and backstreet boys music non-stop for the last 8 days and plan to for the next 3 months.
I admit to being a blog stalker.
M&Ms are necessary.
I hate goodbyes.
I pop my knuckles 3+ times a day. And I know it’s gross.
Dancing in the kitchen and cheek kisses are the best.
I never raise my hand in class.
I don't know how to whistle, or curl my tongue into a U-shape.
I make lots of lists.
I live for the months of June-August.
I like to fall asleep to Journey or Italian music.
I really dislike wearing shoes.
Sometimes I make up the spelling of words.
I hum when I do the dishes.
I like the smell of cigarette smoke.
Peanut butter and chocolate do not go together.
I take most things too literally.

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