05 May 2011

The Day is Today

Main Street

I'm moving back to Orem today. I'm packed up, my room has been cleaned, and goodbyes will be said.

This is all kind of bitter-sweet. I'm sad to be leaving, but happy to go home.

Though I won't miss community showers,
cafeteria food,
or drama,
I'm going to miss being here.            

I'm going to miss...
   the pretty campus, and the big festivities of Shakespeare.
   the fact that I can leave for class 5 minutes before it starts and STILL be on time.
   the red rock mountains
   all the friends I made here - especially my roommate (:
   the ironically placed lighthouse
   how you can always find someone that will go on a midnight fast food run with you
   walking down main street - including Bulloch Drug
   A300 and the family they became for me
   dance parties on the balcony, the couches, or living room
   (this might sound weird) rissa and I listening to the radio in the shower and singing as loud as we can
   the wall
   being able to sit in the middle of the hall, during the late hours of the night, in your pjs, without make-up, laughing our heads off.
Most of all, I'm going to miss that Cedar was mine. I made it my own - my little city. 
And it's been good to me.

Goodbye Cedar. You will be missed.

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