31 May 2011

Day of Memorial

This past weekend was intended for more of a relaxing weekend; however, I ended up having more fun than I expected.  Here's to three-day weekends.


fnishing my midterm. Yoga. Rissa Mae coming up for a girls night. mexican coke. Comedy Sportz. "Pitchfork!" dancing around the kitchen. watching Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. playing with our chickens and ducks. meaningful quotes.  walking the back alleys of Provo. lots of Grey's. finally reading some more Austen. an unexpected, but enjoyable dinner date. 2 hour naps. Cupcakes. an adorable rescued kitten. talking to Cousin. feeling more ready than ever for something that scares me. wrestling my brothers. no homework. finding a new love for JB.

Mckay with a chicken

Who I spent my spare moments with

Raspberry White Chocolate

Better than Sex Cake

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