16 May 2011

List Update.

Here's another "My List" Update. I completed #16 - Drive a nice car.  However, this one was not completed recently. It was actually done back in February. Valentines Day to be exact.

I have a story that goes along with this one. A story that I have kept to myself, but feel that enough time has passed that it has now reached the point of being funny.

Now, if you remember, on Valentines Day Scott picked me up from Cedar in his dad's  BMW 335i convertible.  
And this car goes fast. Very easily.

We were on our way to Vegas, enjoying the ride. Scott was on the phone, cruising over a hill, when we saw a cop at the bottom of the hill. He glanced at the speedometer, and saw that he was going maybe 92 mph. By then it was too late to do anything but slow down - we were then followed by blue and red lights. 

Like normal, the cop asked for our license and registration. Scott started fumbling around, looking for these important items. He found that there was no registration in the car, AND he didn't have his license with him. The cop then asked Scott to get out of the car.

At first I was a bit worried. But as I watched through the rear view mirror, a smile grew on my face.
  Scott was asked to walk towards the police car. With his hands up. And then told to spread his legs and place his hands on the car.
By this point, I was sitting in the car, laughing hysterically.  
The cop ended up coming to my side of the car, asked if I had my license with me, and then said I had to finish driving the rest of the way.

So, after this completely unlucky, but extremely hilarious situation, I was legally inclined to drive this amazing BMW.

That's right everyone. I drove the Bishop's BMW. And I've gunned it too.

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  1. hahahahahah!! why did you keep this from me for so long!?