19 May 2011

A New Part of Home

My dear Scott took me out to lunch yesterday in downtown Provo at the coolest place. 
For all you Provo people out there, I don't know if you've heard of it, but you should go.

It's called Spark. It's a chic lounge with a very cool, not-so-provo style. It looks like they took a lounge out of the city and stuck it in the middle of Provo.

Besides the unique arcitecture, the food is very interesting and fun to try. We first ordered some classy drinks (all drinks are non-alcoholic of course). I got a pomegron drink (pomegranite juice with tarragon and lime). Super weird, but I really liked it. Next time, I'm planning on getting an Apple Martini.

After, we both ordered sandwhiches (which were delicious) and then dessert. Dessert was Creme Brule. I've heard lots about it, but I've NEVER had it before. It was good, but I'm still a sucker for a simple chocolate brownie.  

Basically a pretty cool place. I've heard the name mentioned a bit, but never knew much about it. I think I've found that I don't know much of anything in Provo. Honestly, I haven't spent a ton of time in Downtown Provo, but I definitely want to change that soon. My plan for fall: explore provo - try little restaurants along main street, and some of those restaurants that are hidden away - go into little shops and take lots of pictures.

More to come:
Scott and I will be attempting to make Macaroons. (: Woot.


  1. Who was it that told you about this great place?!? Oh & I vaguely remember trying to convince you that THIS is where you needed to get a gift card for your patents for Christmas... But no, you didn't believe me that it was great! Have a little faith in your cousin!

  2. Macaroons? My favorite... I will be happy to sample :)