09 May 2011

Three-Day Vacation

Here's where I'm at: I just finished school down at SUU and I'm finishing up some classes at UVU. My parents left for Hawaii on Friday (jealous), so I'm "Mom" for the week. 

Since I did just finish school, and only had a few days until I started a new sememster, Scott was a sweetheart and made this past weekend a little 'vacation' for me.

Friday, Scott and I dropped my parents off at the airport. Since we had the car and some time, we stayed in SLC and walked around the Gateway. We only made it to a few stores, but it was lots of fun. We were able to go to Anthropologie and JCrew.

Later that night, we attempted to make home-made pizzas with the kids and roast s'mores. However, the dough turned out bad and the fire was waaaaay too smokey.

Saturday, Scott taught me the tricks and trades of his sailboat and how to set it up. Although the wind died once we got out on the lake, it was still nice to lay out and get some sun.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Though I missed having my mom home, it was still a good day. I went to my cousin's Homecoming and was able to see all of my family, some old friends, and have a bit of fun.

Now I'm at Monday. It's non-stop raining, and I started my summer classes (and first class ever at UVU) today. It's weird going to a new campus and trying to find my way around, but maybe this is getting me ready for the big and spacious BYU in the fall.

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