01 May 2011

What This Means To Me

Today was my last Sunday at my SUU Singles Ward. Instead of thinking about how sad it was to go, I thought about my year here, starting with my first week here in Cedar City.

I still clearly remember how hard it was, how alone and scared I felt. I was in a new town three hours from home, without a car, and knew no one.
I struggled the first few days. I tried to be as social as possible, keep back the tears, and put my best foot forward.

No matter how hard those first few days were, when Sunday came and I walked into the doors of a familiar-looking church building, a wave of relief came over me.

Even throughout all of the major changes I had experienced that week, going to church was the one thing I found constant in my life. Sure, there was a new bishop, different people, and a long walk I wasn't used to. But it was still the same teachings, the same structured meetings, and the same feeling of peace.

Sitting in church today, I realized how much more important the church has become to me after this year here. Honestly, I didn't love my singles ward, or feel sad today with it being the last Sunday.

But I am still grateful for the experience I had going there.
From it I came to find how the Lord can comfort you when you are the most scared, that the callings you are given are there to strengthen and help you, and ultimately,
how truly grateful I am for the gospel.

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