23 June 2011

Finished and Free...maybe

Tonight I took my final for my English 2010 class.  
As I turned in my work and headed out the door, my professor said his goodbyes.
I remember initially starting my summer classes, counting down the days until I was free. Now, I'm thrilled to have more free weekday nights, but I didn't realize it was going to end so soon.

Don't tell, but 
I'm going to miss this class.  

I don't exactly know why, but I thoroughly enjoyed my English class. Maybe it was the fact that it pushed me to write a 10 page paper in so little time. Maybe it was the great feedback I got from my work. Maybe it was the awesome professor that kept us laughing. Maybe it's the fact that this class makes what seems a boring subject come alive to me.

Either way, I'm sad my class ended tonight - even if it did take up my Tuesday and Thursday nights.

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