10 June 2011

You Look Lovely in the Streetlights

I have a family who loves me.

And a little sister who takes better care of me than I take care of her.

And I have friends who force me to be social. And they make me laugh a lot.

And I have a mom who is strong for me and hugs me with love.

And I have too many new clothes that I like too much.

And a fridge full of orange creme Yoplait.

And a cousin who calls me from far away, and listens to me.

And I have someone to cuddle with on a hammock, who talks to me in French and Spanish.

And I am so happy.

That's all.


  1. that last little bit makes me really happy. hopefully we'll see yall this weekend! :)

  2. so much love. (:
    see you in 5 days dear.