01 August 2011

Garden City

I apologize for being an awful blogger. I thought I would've done better, but apparently I have been wrong.

Yesterday I left my home for the annual Hoyal family Bear Lake trip. I'm so grateful to get some mother-daughter time, and some extra fun/relaxing/leisurly time. Although, I'm sad that my dear Scott didn't come.

I don't know how much blogging I will get done on this trip, but I'm hoping to get some pictures up soon. So, as of the past two days, here are the highlights of the trip:

stopping for a 20 peice chicken nugget meal at Mckeydees and attempting to share it with everyone. getting the invitations done. mom stuffing food in dad's mouth - and him not being able to do anything about it. playing endless games of volleyball. 4-wheeling through the mountains. nacho libre. eating endless amounts of cookies. The Great Dalmudi. The endless talk at church that resulted in Mckay and I having too much fun at the drinking fountatin. lots of reading time. the beautiful weather. family time. 

Tomorrow brings on the fun of Waverunners and extreme tubing. (:

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