13 July 2011

A Little Bit of French

This summer, Scott and I had the goal to make some sort of international/cool/interesting food.
Of course, I wanted to make a dessert, and what better a place to get food ideas from than Scott's recent home of France.

So to follow the current trend around this valley, we made Parisian Macaroons - Creme Brule Pistachio Macaroons to be exact.

I had no idea, but these delicate little cookies are extremely time consuming and have very particular steps.   (It probably didn't help that we picked the hardest recipe and that we started making them ten o'clock at night.)    When we finally finished at 12:30pm, we were proud of our little treats that our hard work made.

Overall, a good date night.

           I'd just start them around noon next time.

If you're interested in making some of these little treats, just email me, and I'll send you some recipes for these macaroons, and a variety of other flavors.

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