09 July 2011

The Perfect Date

Due to the huge amount of wedding planning, I have been super busy and unable to blog.
                  And it's been killing me.
    So I apologize. I will do better.

Yesterday, I had the rare occasion of having NOTHING to do. And lately, having no plans is a treat. To make the most of it, Scott and I spent the whole day together and had our own day date planned. We started off by going up to the wonderful world of IKEA.

IKEA is basically the coolest place. I felt like a child in Toys R' Us (and probably looked like one too). After deciding what furniture we wanted, we left and went up to Salt Lake City to go and try on some suits for Scott. Although that was a bust, we did stop by a donut shop for a little sugar rush. (Side Note: these donuts were supposed to be the dessert at my reception; however, due to the high price, we had to veto them.)

On our way back down, Scott and I stopped by IKEA again to pick up the furniture from the warehouse. This consisted of us running around, sliding on our carts, and picking up different sized boxes.
Again, I felt like a kid, having fun in a toy store - definitely not like the adult I'm supposed to be.

We then got to the point of having to pack my truck full of eight bulky boxes and a mattress. I have to admit, I was a bit leery and I thought we were going to have to call Scott's parents for a backup truck. To my surprise, Scott packed up the back of my truck in amazing fashion. 

With boxes packed into the passenger seat and the mattress tied down with twine, we set off back down to Provo.
 This was a sweet moment for me. We were a funny sight, but it was perfect. Scott wearing his plaid shirt and 1993 hat, me squished in next to him, smiles on both of our faces, both of us riding in a rickety, small pick up truck packed to the brim. It was like we were setting off together like a poor young couple, but we still had each other.

We spent the rest of the night setting up our furniture. With a movie and a large pizza in hand, began the night with gusto, excited about what is ahead, and ended the night in each other's arms, fast asleep from exhaustion.

That was the perfect date.
        And one of the best thus far.

Thank you scott. I love you.

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