14 July 2011

something to work on

This all started with a cookie. 
I have had a package of Mint Milanos for a while now, picking and choosing when I would treat myself to their goodness.

Today I needed a break.
So I ate the last cookie.

I had walked into my not-so-air-conditioned room, not ready to finish anything I started.
I laid on my bed, dressed in my favorite panties and tank top.
I stuffed my face into my cold pillow, trying to smell the familiar scent of home.
I got up, thinking I'm ready to clean the mess surrounding me, but got distracted by the sight of my little treat.
So I gave up.
I turned on Ing, and laid back down on my bed, letting ideas and thoughts go through my mind as they please while enjoying my treat.

this is how I want my mind to work,
not fogged up by the past.
not overwhelmed by the future.

but taking in the present.
enjoying each moment like just now.
with my music blaring, underwear in full sight, and cookie being savored.

and that's something I need to work on.

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