22 August 2011

i love you more than i want to go to the moon

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how love changes you.

Instead of waking up these days, and thinking "I'm hungry."
I think, "I wonder if Scott is awake."
(Shortly followed by, "I'm hungry.")

When I shop online now, I always look at the men’s section.
Finding what he’d like, and what I could get him for a surprise.
I smile when I see couples who are happy,
Because I know how they feel.

I can't help but bring him into every conversation,
And brag about his sailboat or his guitar playing,
Or that he’s basically a GQ model,
Or that he made me laugh so hard I choked on my water at dinner.

And when I pray at night,
I pray for Scott and myself.
But mostly for the two of us as a team.

And so I guess you could say that love has made me less selfish.
And more myself.
Because being selfish,
Was never really me to begin with

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