06 August 2011

a letter to you

Dear Scott,
We haven't seen each other for a week now.
I've been in Bear Lake, and now you are in Vegas.
Initially I thought I was going to be fine. It's only a week.  
I made it four months being 5,000 miles away from you. I can handle a week.
But I guess I was wrong.
Last night I cried myself to sleep. All I wanted was for you to wrap your arms around me and let me know I was going to be okay.

So please come home soon. 
I miss you darling.

Love forever and always,
Erika Rae  

1 comment:

  1. Dear Erika,

    I miss you terribly.
    Ive realized that when Im far away from you, and I dont get to look forward to seeing you everyday, I become an ornery, grouchy man.

    consider this small message me wrapping my arms around you, letting you know everything's going to be okay.
    if the note is not enough, hows about i just come home tomorrow and do that in person?

    I love you.

    ps. Ive been thinking, will you marry me?