14 August 2011

this is our adventure

People sometimes told me:  when you get married, it's over.
Instead of living the life you want, life ends, and the rest is downhill.

I used to worry.

I worried that I would never go to Paris and eat crepes for breakfast and learn to paint and visit cafes and buy macaroons and ride a bicycle with a basket on the front.
I worried that I would never live in New York where I could wear designer clothes and design houses and live in my own flat and buy myself apples from the farmer's market on Saturdays.
I worried that I would never go to Africa and teach children how to read and go ride on elephants and take pictures of wild animals.
I worried that I'd never go to Spain and become fluent in Spanish and go dancing with the locals and try new foods and live in a new country.

I don't worry anymore.
Because Scott is my greatest side-kick ever.
And we are going to have one heck of an adventure.

When I run out of money in Paris, or lose my job in New York, or get lost in Spain, he will be the one lifting me up, bailing me out, healing my wounds.

I'm glad I get to take my best friend along on the adventures that are coming, because now I feel like my dreams and his dreams are ours. 

We're doing it together.

thank you mandy

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