28 September 2011

on my way to school

I was on my way up the endless flights of stairs up BYU (you know, the ones by the SWKT-it's harder than you think), surrounded by other out of shape college students who were breathing just has hard as me.

And I thought to myself, "This is Hell, literally. I bet in Hell you have to walk up an eternal flight of stairs and that's all you do... walk and walk. Up the stairs. over and over again. forever.
And you just have to keep climbing those stairs..."

And then I basically died, passed out, woke up again, and now I try everything in my power to not walk up those stairs.

Way to go BYU for being built on top of a hill.
One day I will get to campus and not be out of breath.


  1. those stairs still kill me. every. time.

  2. One day maybe you can master the stairs....it just might take something more than doing yoga! ;)