05 October 2011

afternoon rain

Today I walked out of my 11 o'clock class into overcast weather and the beginning of a rainstorm. For a second I smiled - I love fall, and the rain feels cozy. However, that quickly ended when I realized that I now had to ride my bike to get back home.

Usually, I would have grumbled about the fact that my hair would be ruined and my clothes all wet and that I had to ride a bike to save gas money and that I was hungry. Instead, handsome Mr. Nelson was there waiting for me so we could ride back home together (note: he definitely waited - he was done with class hours before).

While following him, he went on a detour to Brighams Landing, where we made a stop to Great Harvest. I've never been there before, but it literally smelled like heaven.  Breads, cookies, and carbs were everywhere.
Scott showed me that if you buy something in the store, you get samples of bread with it. And these samples are basically huge slabs of delectable bread.  Scott's choice: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. Mine: French Toast.
We then rode back home in the now-pouring rain, laughing like little kids, and ending up getting completley soaked.

Perfect way to end a day of classes.
All I know is that with this new fall weather, I'm hoping to make lots of warm bread.

Especially because my loving mother gave me a kitchenaid.  No big deal. ( Thanks mom! )


  1. Ahhhhhh. I like reading cute Erika and Scott happenings. It reminds me of the dating months. Welcome to the world of Great Harvest....the best bread ever.

    BTW give it up on the color of your kitchenaid...your making me crazy!!!!

  2. bahaha ahhhhhh. i like reading cute mom hoyal comments. It reminds me of the dating months. btw im throwing away the dang kitchen-aid as it fails to produce any bread/pizza dough/batter/anything due to its transient color....