25 October 2011

twenty four hours

This week is a rarity due to the high lack of homework/projects.
So Scott and I are taking advantage and having some extra fun.

The afternoon began with hanging out in the Tanner, butting in on Scott's meeting, and finding the joys of instagram.

After going home and doing my weekly yoga workout with Lacey, I ran back to my room to go talk to Scott, only to find my adorable husband asleep on our bed. So, of course, I snuggled up with him and had a very enjoyable hour-long nap.

Later that evening, Scott and I made our way up to Orem to visit our parents...and to eventually steal Scott's Mom's BMW convertible for a ride around the Alpine Loop.

Although the trip made us sick and ready to hurl, we had a blast.
While Scott left to work out that night, I cleaned the apartment (finally!) and made dinner.
Best part of the night: Scott came walking through the door with a big bunch of flowers and old-school Sprite.
Gotta love husbands.

We finished off the night by making pumpkin cookies and carving pumpkins with another couple. (The pumpkins aren't finished yet, but they'll hopefully be finished soon.)

best 24 hours.

keep 'em coming.


  1. so sweet. and i love the photos!

  2. Love to hear my kids are enjoying the weather and each other. Love is great...