22 October 2011


Scott and I have the lucky occurrence of taking a class together at BYU- New Testament. Our midterm was due by Thursday night and I had only begun studying that morning. Here began the time of me in a ball of stress and Scott full of composure. 

After we finished our test at 9pm (and doing pretty decent on it), I decided that Scott and I needed to take a break and have a semi-spontaneous/mini date night. We treated ourselves to a dinner out at Costa Vita and headed back to our apartment, only to have Scott say he wished he could have worked out that night. 

At that point, my brain hit overdrive and came up with a logical way to convince Scott to do my favorite type of exercise with me that night. 

yes, yoga. 

and he agreed.
We spent the rest of the night doing The Biggest Loser yoga, followed by some not-so-semi-healthy brownies (of course). 

All in all, 
Scott said he was surprised at how much he liked doing yoga. 
And. he was sore the next day.

Thank you. 

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  1. Thank you for soreness:)- Thank you for the post....just what I needed.