03 November 2011

bieber fever

I'm extremely against listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.
The poor holiday of feasting gets looked over, while Christmas gets a glorified two months. Plus, it makes Christmas music more unique and I'm less likely to get sick of it.

I've been extremely persistent on this music rule and I've ordered Scott to follow suit.


I found this song yesterday by Justin Bieber. I know I'm bending my rules - I only listen to it occasionally - but his new Christmas album is so sweet.
His voice is finally changing, and he's completely adorable.

Scott - if you need a cheap present for me. Please get me this album. Thanks.


  1. I'd heard it was a really great album. I like it....I think we have a new christmas album for our collection.

  2. i saw this viseo a couple weeks ago and absolutley loved it! Dallen even liked it and said he would buy it on iTunes!!!!!!!