10 November 2011

gasoline rules

Were you ever taught as a kid the safety rules for gas stations?
For example: no smoking, or else you'll catch the gasoline on fire and everything will blow up.  
      Or, you should touch the car after you get out, as to not create a spark when you pump the gas, then causing everything to blow up.  

Now, I'm very careful and aware of whats going on around me when I'm at the pump. I have this instilling fear that something wrong will happen. Recently, one of those "safety rules" was broken, and I feel like I was extremely close to blowing up

This particular day Scott and I were at Costco getting gas, and I was the one to fill up the car. After I had clicked in the nozzle and made sure everything was good, I went back to the front passenger seat to talk to Scott. I quickly realized that Scott was still listening to the radio. I asked if he left the car on, which he replied with a no. I brought it to his attention that the lights were still on. He looked around the dashboard, and saw that the radio, lights, and the car was still on and running. He quickly turned the key to off and looked at me like it was no big deal, while I was standing there with my heart rate a little too high. 

The car was on, while we were putting gas into it. Isn't that the #1 rule of what NOT to do?

Apparently Scott does this quite often. 
My poor husband is going to kill himself one of these days. 


  1. My mom does this too!!! My sister and I were at home visiting a few months ago and she totally left the car on and we were in it. Um!! Haha!! Cute blog!! Following now :)

  2. Nate and I had this conversation the other day! It scares me too! But he seems to think that it doesn't matter as much!