02 November 2011


Halloween used to be filled with exciting costumes, trecking throughout neighborhoods, and bags full of candy.
Now haunted cornmazes (do not like),  too many dirty parties, and a lack of candy filled pillowcases are the downturn of Halloween. 

Halloween was especially good this year (especially for no childish trick-or-treating). We started the weekend with a party at our complex with Scott's old roommates and his cousin. We played Werewolf, and watched Creature of the Black Lagoon, an old 50's movie. Read Lacey's post about our little get together.  - no judging our costume. that's all.

Monday rolled around and I forgot it was a holiday. It was like any other day, the only being that random science majors were walking around in wizard/garbage man/witch costumes. The best ones of the day was Kool-Aid man - actually handing out kool-aid - and Sexy Sax Man.

The evening was the best part. We went to our parent's house, hung out with family, and helped hand out candy. The evening had a nice crisp warmth to it that made me thoroughly enjoy the day, allowing us to spend time outside playing games.

After eating my fair share of candy, and thoroughly making myself sick, we went home and eventually decided to meet up with Nate and Lacey and work out at the MTC gym. Surprisingly, it was fun and a good end to our day.

How's that for a Halloween holiday?

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