05 November 2011


so guess what.

i like savers.

i have recently found that this thrift store can be quite the gem.
Although it smells and is too over packed, I've grown to like it. I think my last visit won me over.
When Scott took me last time, we each bought a J. Crew shirt. Each for only five dollars.
That's insane.

The best part, however, was the
Scrabble game I found.

Understand now:
a new Scrabble game can cost up to $25.
And in all honestly, I'm not going to play the game,
I just want the pieces to make crafty things.
Like this:
                                                  (scrabble magnets)
So, Instead of spending over twenty dollars for some crafty pieces,
I found them at Savers. And to find them at Savers is incredibly difficult. 
oh, and it was only two dollars.

1 comment:

  1. ah! i'm jealous you found an old scrabble game! too fun.