31 December 2011

My un-White Christmas

Christmas Eve Scott and I went out to dinner with his parents up in Park City. Best part: we watched hundreds of "santas" carrying red flares ski their way down the mountain.
After dinner, we went to my parents, watched videos, put together a puzzle, and eventually went to bed.

Christmas day was wonderful. Scott and I had three Christmas celebrations. First, we had church at nine that morning, and all of the children in the congregation were buzzing with excitement. Once we got home, we were able to see what was in our stockings - and ran through our paper 'barrier' along the way. 

Second, after spending time with my parent's, we made the long trek across the street to his family. (oh the joys of living so close) We had a great time with his family, only to be cut off with Scott having to go to work. I later went back to my parent's house to play games with the Clarkes. We ate lots of food, and played The Great Dalmuti.

And third, after picking up Scott from work, we had our own Christmas together. It was filled with cute packages, previously known gifts, and a lot of smiles. 

This was our first christmas together, 
             and I wouldn't have spent it any other way. 

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  1. Our presents for each other were basically packaged in the same way! :) Glad yall had a lovely Christmas!