21 December 2011

winter season

I suppose I could complain about the short days, frigid nights, and the weather of late.
But there has been a lovely light fog around for the past few days that makes everything frosty and the mountains unseen. 
     and I can't help but love it. 

Honestly, there is something beautiful about this season, something that makes us need each other more.
Our hugs are longer, our kisses not so brief, and our laughter takes up extra space.
We cuddle into homemade quilts with hot chocolate and a hearty book. 
Fireplaces become a spot of gathering, where smiles are exchanged and laughter can be heard. 
We let the cold watch us through the frost on the window, where inside the people we love are waiting for us, and the warmth finally sticks.

Winter may not need me, but sometimes I need winter. It's a season I do not always mind and I hope I always live somewhere with lots of snow around this holiday season.

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